The mysterious Skull Island isn’t just home to Kong and a castaway John C. Reilly. There are other threats to be aware of—enormous, prehistoric threats. Oh, and one very large water buffalo.

In the latest Kong: Skull Island trailer, unveiled last night via Jimmy Kimmel, a plot peeks through the movie’s action-packed exterior. Turns out, Kong isn’t such a bad fellow after all; just a bit misunderstood.

And, as Reilly’s character explains, Kong isn’t who Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson should be afraid of. As we learn, there are more dangerous creatures afoot: Skull Crawlers. Maybe not the most imaginative name but give Reilly’s character a break. He’s stuck on an island!

Judging by that lumberjack beard he’s rocking, Reilly’s character has been stuck there for a long time. At least the locals have embraced his kooky ways.

This is all a setup

Kong: Skull Island looks like an amazing throwback to war classics from the 70s, with a lot of homages to Apocalypse Now. Which isn’t a bad thing because the Skull Island trailer oozes mystery and style.

Set to land in theaters next March, Kong: Skull Island is a small part of a larger movie-verse being planned by Warner Bros. Next stop: Kong vs. Godzilla.