Kong: Skull Island has dominated the box office with an exciting storyline and beautiful aesthetic. One of the most important factors in creating the spectacle was the concept art by Eddie Del Rio.

Note: There are minor spoiler ahead

Eddie Del Rio crafted up stunning concept art that director Jordan Vogts-Roberts faithfully translated to the big screen. Some of the scenes in the movie are literally live-action shots taken right from the Del Rio’s art.

One of the elements that stands out is the scope of Kong. Beginning with the concept art, you can see Vogt-Roberts wanted Kong’s size to awe and overwhelm its audience. Del Rio did a great job of making those ideas come to life with his concept art.

The concept art gives a few details of possible pre-production plotpoints

Del Rio’s art may have served as ideas for the movie, but it may also provide a behind-the-scenes look at a few plot points that were explored during pre-production. The movie hints that Kong is worshipped like a king, but he never sits in a throne while humans exalt him like some of the concept art suggests. So too is the panel where an unknown monster attacks soldiers with an Aurora Borealis-like background.

It’s a pretty interesting look at ideas that may have been discussed but were ultimately turned down. You can check out Del Rio’s gorgeous art in the gallery above.