“Step back into the 80’s with our new MGS collection coming very soon! Stay tuned!”

That’s what the caption says for the image above, posted today to the Metal Gear Facebook page. Before you get excited about a remake of the original Metal Gear games, though, wait up. This is part of Konami’s Metal Gear clothing line, some of which they showed off at TGS last year.

This looks to be a retro version of the line, complete with the awesome desert chrome and neon logo set against a twinkling grid.

Considering Konami’s disintegrated relationship with producer Hideo Kojima and the recent decision to cancel Silent Hills, it seems like Konami is pulling out of the US games market, so starting another project doesn’t seem likely. No word on whether the truck have started to move, but don’t feel asleep if you don’t want to miss out on… whatever this ends up being.