Konami is smack in the middle of recruiting new developers to work for the company, but naturally, the gaming world is taking huge issue with how it is going about it. Advertisements for new developers allude to all of your favorites from back before Konami turns away from game development, back in the happy days of the company, but the problem is none of these games are being made anymore.

Many of Konami’s most iconic characters appear in its new advertisement blitz. Metal Gear Solid is the most recognizable and even uses Snake and friends from the most recent game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. However, the company also digs deep into its history to find other popular characters like Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and even the protagonist from each Suikoden game.

Bomberman turns up due to Konami owning him thanks to the purchase of Hudson Soft. Bill Rizer turns up in his Neo Contra form alongside his partner Genbei Yagyu. Heck, why not include the cast of dating simulators LovePlus and Tokimeki Surprise?

At least Goemon and his squad of ninja friends have been spared!

What’s the problem? Well, recruited developers won’t work on these games!

Konami is recruiting for new developers, but we seem past the point of no return with getting back on good terms with the company. Video games are in its past, and so are many of these legendary franchises. Anybody recruited into this company at this point will either turn these classics into pachinko machines or mobile cash-ins, breaking the hearts of sentimental fans everywhere.

Gamers aren’t happy because their happy memories and nostalgia for these games are being used to lure in developers who think they’ll be working on the next Castlevania masterpiece. Sorry. Hope you like flashy lights and pachinko!