Now that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out in the wild, creator and director Hideo Kojima is saying goodbye to the franchise. He’s been with it for decades, and now he’s done with both Metal Gear and Konami.

The official Debriefing video you see above was posted on one of Konami’s channels. It serves as Kojima’s chance to thank the fans for following his work, prep them for the release of the game and visit the home of one departed fan who wrote the team and encouraged them to work hard under pressure.

That moment in the video is actually really sad, and I didn’t see it coming when I watched the clip.

It’s weird actually seeing this in motion. Kojima never really explicitly says that he’s done with Konami, but there’s this air of enormity that weighs on the clip throughout its play.

This clip is great. What I’ve played so far of Metal Gear Solid V is great, too. It’s so odd that this is the end of Kojima’s run with the series, isn’t it?