Kojima Production Ludens

I really get the feeling that Hideo Kojima is trying to tell us something. The recent blitz of his character Ludens on the gaming world is quite telling, and just like all Hideo Kojima game reveals, it likely has a deeper meaning.

Or it could be just that he has his newest game lined up for E3 2016, and we are a mere week away of seeing the fruits of his post Metal Gear Solid life. A long shot indeed, but it's possible.

This new poster of Ludens shows off the characters eyes in more detail, revealing that there is a human under there and not just a skull as previously thought. Along with the new image comes a quote from Ludens, probably a warning:

I'll keep coming

Creepy. Kojima Productions commented on the quote saying "You can freely imagine whatever you see," meaning it's open to interpretation! Hooray! In that case, Ludens is clearly a soldier who can't die. Like any typical video game, death has no real meaning for him, and he will continue to pursue his target even after death has failed to stop him. An immortal soldier, alive on the outside, dead as the skull on his mask on the inside.

At least that my guess. Doesn't matter, though, because he is not the character in the game Kojima Productions is working on, as confirmed by Producer Kenichiro Imaizumi. He's just a mascot…

Sure Kojima. Whatever… whatever you say.