We don’t know squat about Kojima Productions upcoming game, Death Stranding, other than that it has something to do with Norman Reedus, a disappearing baby, and some floating people. Right. After San Diego Comic Con we don’t know anything else. But Kojima didn’t send people away empty-handed. Here’s the Kojima Productions intro movie that’ll play before Death Stranding and every other game from the studio to follow.

And it’s just as weird and perfectly Kojima as you could hope.

Kojima did clarify something that should help speculating fans, though. The mascot character, known as Ludens, is not part of Death Stranding, and it isn’t modeled after actor Norman Reedus, who is starring in Death Stranding and was set to star in the cancelled Silent Hills. Instead, Kojima revealed that the face in the suit is none other than Kojima himself. Kojima toured the world in the last year, and at one point had himself digitally scanned while exploring new technology for his games.

The intro video does feature a whale, just like the opening sequence from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and the first Death Stranding trailer. So, Kojima’s obsession with whales continues.

Death Stranding itself is likely years away, but the Kojima Productions mascot himself, Ludens, will apparently be available before too long as official merchandise. With Metal Gear characters no longer being a path to supporting Kojima, surely his hardcore fans are looking for ways to show their love for the veteran creator and his young studio.