When word got out earlier this month that Koei Tecmo had planned to add a female version of Link named “Linkle” to Hyrule Warriors, reactions were positive towards her design and rather disappointed that she didn’t make the cut. Koei Tecmo is now pondering whether or not they made the right decision to cut her in reaction to this outpouring of support.

The company has now hinted through Twitter that a new character could possibly be added to the game in version 1.2, and it asked the fans for their input. A translated by Gematsu:

“There are plans to release the ver. 1.2.0 update of Hyrule Warriors on September 1. After that, by way of a major update, for example (and only for example!), if we added a playable character, who would everyone like?”0

The post saw an outpouring support for Linkle, causing Koei Tecmo to address the issue of the character and wonder if it made the right decision to cut her. This time translated by Siliconera

 “Linkle (tentative name) was a rejected story character featured in the art book, but it looks like she got a quite lot of attention… maybe we should have included her in the main story…”

If the fan support is there, Linkle could indeed make the cut as an update or DLC pack. Link has had a younger sister before, Aryll from The Wind Waker, so the addition of the character wouldn’t be totally out of place. Considering the themes of this game revolving around crossing different eras and dimension of the Zelda universe, I’d even be fine with it being a female incarnation of Link from a different time and space.

It’s sometimes hard to remember; Link is not one character but rather the reincarnation of a timeless warrior spirit, summoned to defend Hyrule in times of catastrophe. Who is to say that he wasn’t reincarnated as a woman once? Who’s to say that she didn’t have to rescue Prince “Zeldaro” from Ganon? How crazy would that be?

Any support other for “Linkle?” The Dynasty Warriors team has a history of making strong female characters in its series, further proven by the majority of female leads in Hyrule Warriors, so they seem like the team to get it right. Just as long as they keep the writer of Metroid: Other M as far away from the script as possible.

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