It may surprise you to know this, but we are not huge fans of superfluous lawsuits here at TechnoBuffalo. But sometimes a stunner of a case pops up that gets our notice — particularly when the litigant is a company on the verge of collapse, and especially when it’s a last act of desperation making a punch at two heavyweight tech companies.

Apparently Kodak is suing Apple and HTC for patent infringement. There are four patents at stake here, all imaging-related, of course, ranging in areas from photo capture to wireless transfer — basically some of the key features that make mobile devices so handy for consumers. The Apple part of the suit takes aim at all the iPhone devices, the latest iPad 2 and the 4th gen iPod Touch. The HTC case is virtually the same, except that it adds an allegation involving a patent about previewing motion images (which is actually the same patent at the core of an ITC investigation of Apple and RIM).

Word has it, this could be part of a marketing tactic to shop Kodak’s patent portfolio around. Interesting nugget though: There’s speculation about Apple and HTC joining forces to fend off this suit. Could it be the beginning of a better relationship for these “die-hard enemies”? (Nah. Don’t hold your breath.)

[via BoyGenius Report, source Foss Patents, image via SlashGear]