Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is finally getting a Steam release a full seven years after its original PC launch. Obsidian's follow-up to BioWare's popular original has always been considered the weaker of the two games, thanks to Obsidian's patented bugs crippling the superior RPG elements and deeper storytelling.

However, the Steam version comes prepatched with an endorsed fan patch that fixes most of the issues and restores much of the abandoned DLC that sadly never panned out. Mods and hackers have attempted to restore the lost data, and have been so-so successful over the years.

If only fans could create a proper ending to the experience, it would finally be the game Obsidian had always envisioned it to be… had Microsoft not rushed release date.

Only $9.99 for a solid RPG experience is not a bad deal. It's available here on Steam.