One thing that has always been said about each PlayStation launch is that Sony has never nailed down a mascot. Many have come and gone during the launch windows of each console, but none with the lasting power of Mario, Master Chief, or Sonic. Although it hardly is the trend in the gaming industry nowadays anyway, Sony is dead set on proving that the PlayStation 4 finally has its own mascot in the upcoming adventure game, Knack.

A small golem of epic potential, Knack is the cutest hope for mankind in the war with the goblins. Don’t let his size and demeanor fool you. His exterior is only the top layer of his abilities.

Throughout the game, Knack will able to uncover elements which allow him to adjust his alignment, shown in the trailer above as ice. He’ll also greatly alter his size from a pipsqueak into a gargantuan beast able to leap buildings and go head to head with tanks.

Beyond all that, he seems ready for the big leagues with a huge story behind him, filled with colorful characters and a fully fleshed out and realized world. Huge battles, explosions, environments, and action set pieces means a massive story is in stall for us, one that hits on many layers. Knack seems to be just as capable in stealth and small scuffles as he is in enormous conflicts with entire armies.

I’m not entirely sold on Knack just yet as being the face of Sony, especially when others like Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank and Abe still stick out in my memory as more charismatic. However, as a standalone game, I am starting to see where the hype is coming from and why this is going to be a lot of fun.

Knack is launching alongside the PlayStation 4 on Nove. 15.

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