Sony tried its hardest to make Knack the next big mascot franchise on the PlayStation 4, but after launching, it was met with a huge shrug from the general audience. Sony did not take the rejection to heart and is apparently trying again!

3D animator Mindy Liang at XPEC Entertainment briefly listed a possible sequel titled Knack 2 on her LinkedIn resume, and the ever-observant NeoGAF was more than happy to pounce on it, saving screenshots before Liang removed the title after another update.

XPEC Entertainment is a Taiwan-based studio that has also been outsourced by Square Enix to animate character models for Final Fantasy XV. This means the studio has genuine credibility for working on major projects, and an unannounced game like Knack 2 doesn’t seem that far-fetched of a rumor.

Liang claimed to have been a cutscene animator in both games.