I don’t know if you know this about Kirby, but the dude has a lot of powers. I mean, a lot of powers. Well, all Kirby fans of course know that, but in his upcoming Kirby: Triple Deluxe, HAL Laboratory has gifted him more techniques and abilities than ever before!

Granted, I am not totally up to speed on Kirby, having missed the last few like Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, but a new gameplay trailer shines a light on what Kirby is now able to do. The Bell technique throws and impenetrable shield over his body, protecting him from all forms of damage, and the Circus ability allows him to juggle pins with another hybrid of offensive and defensive moves.

Archer does what you would expect the archer ability to do, shoot a barrage of arrows at poor foes. HAL Laboratory is giving archer Kirby a new stealth mechanic, and it makes we wonder if critical damage will be dealt if Kirby remains unseen by his enemies, just like my favorite Skyrim builds. That’s the only comparison of Kirby and Skyrim you will ever hear out of me.

Other new abilities I’ve never seen are Whip and Ninja, but neither is given much air time to really show off in the trailer. I’ll just have to wait for Kirby: Triple Deluxe to be released on the Nintendo 3DS on May 2. Expect our thoughts shortly before or afterwards.

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