Kirby is making his long overdue appearance on the Nintendo 3DS. President Satoru Iwata teased the new title during the Nintendo direct this morning with a brief trailer, mentioning that it's a 2D platformer in tradition with the series. No official title has been given yet.

Many of Kirby's standard powers and special moves are present in the trailer like the sword, backdrop, and ice,and of course he must swallow his poor enemies to steal them.

Nintendo detailed his newest "inhale everything" ability in a press release shortly after the broadcast ended. The destructive move will allow him to eat everything in his path, and most likely gain some sweet powers in the process.

Star Rides are also making a return to the series, but rather than take Kirby to a distant land, they allow him to jump back and forth between the foreground and background stages, taking advantage of the Nintendo 3DS' unique capabilities.

We'll be sure to bring you more on this Kirby game as Nintendo unveils it. Iwata estimated that it would be released in Summer 2014.