Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV has done quite well for itself on the Japanese box office. Since releasing in theaters on July 9, the CG film has been seen by 70,133 moviegoers, and Square Enix has confirmed that it has made 105,611,860 yen in total.

On a good day for the dollar, the makes it $985,626, or nearly $1 million. Not bad, considering this is just a limited release as a niche video game tie-in, and only 44 theaters across the whole country are showing it.

Reviews are not so shabby either, claiming that you can enjoy it without being a Final Fantasy fan and that it will definitely suck you into Square Enix’s latest universe and get you to like the characters.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV releases in North America on Aug. 19, just in time to get players hyped for the Sept. 30 release of the actual game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.