No, not Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Memories. That was a pretty sweet game. This is something else.

Square Enix had mentioned something about taking its Kingdom Hearts franchise mobile, and now we have an opportunity to see what it looks like. The first batch of screenshots from Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi has been made available, and wouldn’t you know it? It looks just like a touch mobile action RPG!

There really isn’t much else to say about it. Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Cloud, Squall, and a random gathering of other Disney characters all turn up with their Tetsuya Nomura artistic twist, but it is the custom avatar which is a dead giveaway to the nature of this game. It doesn’t really fit into any traditional Square Enix art style unless you want to count the Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suisho mobile game in Japan. Cute, pointless, lacks a purpose or a soul.

What do I see for gameplay? I see a lot of tapping on body parts. A lot of slow unlocks for characters. A lot of catching dropping gems. A lot of one button combat. From the looks of it, the player only controls their custom avatar, and Sora, Cloud, and the Disney crew join in for support attacks.

I suppose the most charming element of this game is the costumes which the custom avatar can equip. He looks like such a boss dressed up as the White Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland.

Meh, it’s inoffensive and easy to ignore unless you are looking for such a game. Just keep smiling that Kingdom Hearts III exists at all! As long as Square Enix is working on that, complaints should be left in the back of your minds.