We’ve already seen Kingdom Hearts III in action thanks to a gameplay trailer released by Square Enix back in October. Director Tetsuya Nomura has said that the game still has “ways to go,” but one thing we couldn’t help but be surprised about is Sora’s iconic weapon, the keyblade, transforming into a full-blown gun.

In an interview with Famitsu, translated by Siliconera, Nomura teases that this is just a taste of what the keyblade can do.

“In the trailer, we saw it transform into the shape of a gun, but there are also some other unbelievable transformations. The other day, when we were checking it out, the staff member said ‘it turns into ____’ and I impulsively replied with, ‘Are you serious?’”

“According to suggestions from the planning side, it’ll likely be used as some sort of gimmick,” he also says. “The Keyblade has infinite possibilities.”

In the interview, he also explained Kingdom Hearts main RPG system.

“The ‘Attraction Flow,’ allows you to choose moves according to different places and enemies, and especially so during boss fights where you’ll be able to pull off unique moves. This is an evolution of Kingdom Hearts 3D’s Flowmotion, and will be one of Kingdom Hearts III’s main systems.”

Unfortunately, I never got around to Kingdom Hearts 3D, so I have no frame of references to make this comparison. Any fans out there want to help me out? Is it something that can work in the main series?

Nomura is currently writing the scenario for Kingdom Hearts III, spending most of his time editing it. Because he is so wrapped up in the development of Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III is still a few years away from release. It will see daylight on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Any takers?