Square Enix hears you, fans. You want more Kingdom Hearts, and you want it now! How much longer must you wait to see Sora wrap up his magical quest with the Disney crew and a bunch of black robed emo villains?

Quite some time, apparently, because director Tetsuya Nomura is too busy trying to wrap up seven years of development on Final Fantasy XV. In the meantime, though, Square Enix has released a new Kingdom Hearts III gameplay video straight from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One build.

Sora still swings around his key-blade without any sense of irony that the thing has no actual blade sharpened anywhere on it. He's also packin heat with double pistols in hand, ready to blow away the heartless at a distant and keep his combo meter up when stragglers wander too far from the battlefield.

The trailer also confirms the appearance of Hercules' World as one of the places Sora will travel to, taking on the mighty titans while soaring through the air on a Grand Thunder Mountain Railroad train. As always, Donald and Goofy are by his side, pumped and ready for battle.

If you can't wait for a few more years to play Kingdom Hearts III, be sure to check out Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX when it launches for the PlayStation 3 next year. It has the second game in the series and more content on top, so it will knock out a huge chunk of that time.