Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 REmix (32)

As far as PlayStation 3 releases go, this week sees one of the last exclusive big ones. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 REmix marks the end of a long generation with the PlayStation 3, one many felt ended a year ago when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released.

With that in mind, why release a game on just a dead system anymore? What's wrong with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and why won't Square Enix complement the incoming release of Kingdom Hearts III with a next-gen release of its two prequels and the rest of the spin-offs?

Well, this question might have more weight that you'd guess. In an interview with IGN, Co-director Tai Yasue claims, "When we first came up with the idea for Kingdom Hearts III, it was always 1.5, then 2.5 and we were always thinking about those three titles at the same time."

"I think [putting the games on PS4] is something we'll explore. We understand what our players want, so we will explore the possibility. I'm not making any announcements though, we can't make any announcements yet!"

So the possibility is there for the bundles to come to at least the PlayStation 4. You would think considering that Kingdom Hearts III is also coming to Xbox One, Microsoft's console would also be getting the bundles if Square Enix follows this train of thought, but that's not exactly the case. Yasue would continue, saying:

"It's a big old question. There's a lot of things we need to think of when we consider consoles. One of them is what our players want, so we will definitely consider that. But there's also schedule constraints, as we really don't want the development of Kingdom Hearts III going later, so we have that to think about. We'll consider all these things and come to a decision."

I'm willing to put money on a PlayStation 4 port of the two bundles. Square Enix is a Japanese publisher first and a world publisher second, and the PlayStation 4 is the best place it can please its fanbase in its home country. Sony and Square Enix have a very intimate history as well, so no surprises there.

I am a bit more wary about the Xbox One version, though. The console is lagging miserably in Japan, and Square Enix seems not entirely sure about its presence with American gamers who own the console. How many Microsoft fans really want Final Fantasy? We'll have to wait and find out, like Square Enix is doing. Expect it to wait for sales figures on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Final Fantasy XV, and maybe even Kingdom Hearts III before it jumps into that confirmation.

As for the PlayStation 3 version, it is available now for the PS3 in America.