Need more Disney in your life? Didn’t think so, but at least Kingdom Hearts is a decent way to satisfy your subconscious corporate obligations.

Square Enix has a brand new bunch of screenshots for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix featuring far more characters than I remember from the first game. TRON, Pirates of the Caribbean, classic 1930’s Disney cartoons, Lilo & Stitch and Chicken Little. None of these properties extensively appeared the first time around, meaning Square Enix has come around to adapting Disney properties beyond the classic line-up.

This points towards Square Enix including Disney properties as they become available, not just picking and choosing the iconic ones. Director Tetsuya Nomura has stated how much he wants to bring Star Wars and Marvel into the fray with Kingdom Hearts III, but something tells me Disney isn’t going to let him touch those properties.

Oh well. At least my personal favorite heroine, Mulan, can join your party.

Kingdom Hearts II first came out in 2005. How many Disney films have come out since then, and what new films would you like to see make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III?  Wreck it Ralph is an obvious choice, and maybe even the box office bomb John Carter. I’d like to take Sora to Mars. Just as long as Square Enix goes nowhere near the infuriatingly omnipresent Frozen.

There is no circle in hell deep enough for someone who includes “Let it Go” in a Kingdom Hearts game.

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