It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Kingdom Hearts. I had nearly forgotten that we have an HD remake just on the horizon, but Square Enix has kindly reminded us with a new batch of screenshots.

Six screenshots for Kingdom Hearts II, six screenshots for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and two for the cinematic representation of Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded. As far as packages though, I’m a bit more psyched for this one than the previous Kingdom Hearts HD bundle because I have yet to still play Kingdom Hearts II. I was a fan of the series when it was a simple cross-over of Final Fantasy and Disney, but have had trouble accepting the angsty dark turn it seemed to take with its sequel.

Just look at those villains and their silly zippered dark robes!

Time heals all wounds, and I’m prepared to face Kingdom Hearts II now. Tron, Hercules, and Nightmare Before Christmas in its actual Christmas setting look like a blast to play through.

To enjoy it, I’ll really have to jump back into the first game though. I haven’t played it since the first launch, and I don’t really remember the story. Either way, I need to get prepped for Kingdom Hearts III whenever Square Enix gets around to releasing it on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.