Famitsu held an open poll this past week for which Final Fantasy character most fans want to see in future Kingdom Hearts games, and the results are a bit… meh. Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis scored the most votes with 237 total, and Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning wrapped up second place with 201 votes.

Strangely, the characters who closed out the top 5 are not ones who I would expect, but Zidane from Final Fantasy IX and Bartz from Final Fantasy V both pulled up third and fifth respectively. Fourth place went to Chocobos in general.

  • Noctis (237 votes)
  • Lightning (201 votes)
  • Zidane (81 votes)
  • Chocobos (30 votes)
  • Bartz (22 votes)

Seriously, Noctis? Why Noctis?

I love Final Fantasy XV, and Noctis is a pretty solid character. However, I in no way endorse these results! He’s an absolutely useless character on his own, and if he’s in a Kingdom Hearts game, then his entire buddy group needs to be in it as well. Otherwise, he’s just a sulky pretty boy with wonderful hair in a game that already has both Squall and Cloud chewing up most of the required angst and glum screentime.

Lightning I just plain don’t like, and fans would be better to turn to Terra, Yuna, Celes, Rydia, or even Agrias if they want another strong female in their ranks.

Bartz, though? I can totally get behind. I can see it, he’s in desperate search of a personality, and no matter how much Square Enix dresses him up, he’s unable to stand out from the rest of the Final Fantasy protagonists. His only hope is proving himself on one of Sora’s adventures.

That’s a cameo I can support!