The illusive and secretive Kingdom Hearts 2.9 has crawled back into the collective curiosity of Square Enix fans everywhere. The LinkedIn profle of Osaka-based game director Richard VanDeventer alludes to him working on the project for the last ten months out of his eleven months with Square Enix.

It can’t be a typo for Kingdom Hearts III either, since he lists that immediately afterwards, and he uses roman numerals.

Kingdom Hearts 2.9 (PS3, PS4) Development (10 Months)

  • Game idea planning and documentation
  • Game check and balance
  • Boss planning
  • Attraction Flow planning and documentation

Kingdom Hearts Ⅲ (PS4, Xbox One) Development (10 Months)

  • Original level planning, documentation and execution for 2 worlds including enemy, item, secrets and event management
  • Mockup creation of 3 worlds including temporary asset creation
  • Game idea planning and documentation
  • Game check and balance
  • Enemy planning and documentation
  • Gummi Ship system planning and documentation
  • Multiplayer planning and documentation
  • Attraction Flow planning and documentation
  • Main scenario planning for 2 worlds
  • Various in-game dialogue writing
  • Translation and interpretation of contact between involved English and Japanese parties including Disney and Pixar
  • Publicity video recording and editing
  • Communication with outsourced companies
  • Holding meetings with Disney and Pixar
  • Team management, meeting management and proceeding recordings

Often times, these LinkedIn reveals don’t lead to much, but this is not the first we’ve seen of Kingdom Hearts 2.9. The name popped up shortly before E3 2015 on an event schedule before is was removed, meaning this could be something Square Enix wants to keep quiet.

Well, we all know that Kingdom Hearts III is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but why would this Kingdom Hearts 2.9 be only heading to PlayStation platforms? If I may speculate for a minute, what are the odds of Square Enix releasing a “Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes” pay demo… ahem… prequel/setup/thing? Makes a bit of sense with Kingdom Hearts 2.9’s numbering, right before the number 3, and Square Enix knows that fans will gladly cough up $19.99 to play Kingdom Hearts III a bit early, especially after how long they’ve waited for it.

If that were the case, though, I doubt it would be coming to PlayStation 3 since Kingdom Hearts III itself is not. It would also be coming to Xbox One. It’s just an idea since Square Enix is being secretive about it, and Ground Zeroes wasn’t the best press in the world for Konami.

It might be nothing, it might be everything. Stay tuned and see if this rumor pans out into anything.