Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX is finally getting a release this week. It’s been over a decade since the original was released on the PlayStation 2, but it remains just as vivid in the minds of fans who played it so long ago, just like a favorite childhood Disney film.

Sora’s journey has come a long way from being a simple mash-up of Final Fantasy and Disney characters. Square Enix has taken its plot so far from this original novelty that I have no idea where to begin amongst all the convolution. What I do like and remember is battling in the arena with Hercules and Sephiroth, chasing down secret bosses, leveling up my magic skills, and summoning Disney characters to my aid in a fix.

You know, Final Fantasy stuff. Hooded gangs covered from head to toe in zippers is where the series started to lose me.

Kingdom Hearts also holds the distinction as the last game in America to be labeled with the classic “Squaresoft” logo, and that alone should be reason enough to dive in. The closing curtains on a much more brilliant and innocent age for the company. It manages to capture all the smart game design the company was capable in the 1990s, and this release will probably be the closest link we have to the olden days for a long time to come.

Dive in. Give it a shot. The original Kingdom Hearts is a bonafide classic and can only look better with the upgraded screen resolution. It is available exclusively for the PlayStation 3 from this week.

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