Candy Crush Saga

If you somehow missed the news leading up to today's story in a swarm of snark and fury,, makers of games like Candy Crush Saga, filed a trademark for the word "Candy."

Once word broke that the company was seeking ownership of such a broad and consistently used word, the Internet turned into a giant rage machine fueled on the hopes and dreams of We were angry, and we were hungry.

Today, has filed to abandon its trademark application for "Candy." They don't want it anymore. Or, perhaps, they don't want their brand to be associated with this whole fiasco anymore.

Hell hath no fury like the Internet scorned, as it were. A quick glance at the reviews for any game will show you that Internet goers took to marketplaces of all kinds in order to drag this company through the proverbial mud for filing such a ridiculous trademark.

To King, of course, going after words like "Candy," and later "Saga," were moves meant to keep copycat apps from cropping up on mobile marketplaces. Whether or not you hate the company, it's pretty easy to see that some malicious app makers try to cash in on user confusion by naming their games with exceedingly similar titles.

Now that they've filed to abandon the trademark, do you see yourself rescuing any pets or crushing any candy anytime soon?