King in Stockholm, Sweden, is hiring up for a brand new mobile game. The title will be based on Call of Duty, though there’s no real indication regarding what they’re making.

If I had to bet money on it, I would say that King will make something along the lines of one of the dozens and dozens of military-themed “RTS” games on mobile. Notice the quotes there? Does that properly express my disdain for the genre? No?

I hope I’m way off the mark here and King uses its scale and name to bring on some crazy talented folks inspired enough to do something new with the Call of Duty brand on mobile.

This comes a little after year since Activision’s major acquisition

Activision actually bought King in 2015 for $5.9 billion. They let the maker of all things Candy Crush go about their business. Now, they’re flexing that team’s muscle on their biggest brand. Let’s see if the acquisition was worth it.