Microsoft has listed the Kinect for Windows v2 Sensor on the Microsoft store, setting a price and release date.

The sensor is currently up for pre-order for $199, set to ship on July 15.

As the device is intended to work with the Kinect for Windows development kit, the sensor doesn't include any software. If you have the necessary coding skills and are interested in experimenting with the possibilities allowed by Microsoft's much more sensitive follow-up to the Kinect, however, the SDK is available for free.

The $199 price may not be an indication, however, of what Xbox One owners can expect to pay for a separate Kinect, should they choose to add one to their Kinectless Xbox Ones. This is developer hardware, meant for developers, rather than consumer hardware. We may see the Kinect for Xbox One sell for $149, or Microsoft may be waiting for some of Harmonix's games – Fantasia: Music Evolved and Dance Central Spotlight – to make it out of development for the purpose of bundling.

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