A brand new video from Microsoft and Rare exploring the environment that makes up Kinect Sports Rivals. This upcoming Xbox One exclusive will take place on a unique island.

Sure, the island theme has been done before in a sports/fitness game. Wii Sports Resort did it on the Wii. You have to hand it to Microsoft and Rare, though. The locale for Kinect Sports Rivals looks wildly different.

Wrecked planes turned into rock climbing walls, huge rock spires turned into tennis courts and bowling alleys on the decks of boats. There's weird and whacky stuff all over this virtual world.

While the release date for Kinect Sports Rivals hasn't been announced yet, it is slated to launch on the Xbox One early this year. Some would argue, of course, that this should have been a launch title for the console. It's certainly one of the only convincing arguments for the new Kinect so far.

Will this make you want to use Microsoft's camera based input?

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