There’s been a rumor floating around since Microsoft posted Kinect on the Microsoft Online Store that we’d see the hardware come in somewhere close, if not exactly to $150.  Microsoft officially confirmed the rumored price alongside more details Xbox 360 owners and potential owners might find intriguing.

Purchasing the Kinect kit will yield you the hardware itself, a proprietary cable made for the new Xbox 360s, a USB cable and power cord for those whose systems came before E3.  Even more, the kit will include Kinect Adventures and but each additional Kinect game will set you back the videogame standard price of $50. November 4th draws near so budget accordingly!


Microsoft didn’t stop there.  The new Xbox 360 Arcade was also announced with the rumored 4GB internal storage revealed by Amazon Germany weeks ago.  The console will go on sale in North America starting August 3rd for $200 and the only cosmetic difference between the it and the 250GB higher end model is its matte finish.  The Arcade console will also come bundled with the Kinect kit for $300, chopping off a nice chunk of the Kinect’s barrier to entry.  This bundle becomes available November 4th, just in time for the holidays.


Competing in a holiday rush against Sony’s Playstation Move, the Kinect carries a premium some users won’t be willing to easily part with.  As Move takes the holiday head start by more than a month, expect both companies to push hard to make their motion controlled games the must-have gifts as the year draws to a close.

Which motion controller are you buying?  Move, Kinect, Wii?  None?  Let us know in the comments!