Remember that Xbox Durango devkit leak last week? The source of that leak, known only as SuperDaE, is back with more seemingly legitimate information; this time about Kinect.

The image above allegedly depicts Microsoft's follow-up to the Kinect hardware, attached to a Durango devkit, in action. The adult and child-sized people in the image are in higher detail than current Kinect hardware currently allows, clearly showing individual fingers and hands against the body without trouble.

Durango is the codename floating around for the Xbox devkits developers are using to create software for the next Xbox. When SuperDaE posted photos and screenshots of the devkit itself, unnamed AAA developers currently working on next-gen titles were able to confirm that the photographs were accurate and made no denials regarding the software screenshots.

As with the previous leak, developers are confirming that the above image is real. The Verge spoke with a source familiar with Durango who says this is a genuine test sample from the real devkit.

While neither leak from SuperDaE has been officially confirmed, both have received anonymous confirmation, putting the mysterious man or woman at two-for-two.

[via CNET]