Kindle in Japan

Amazon will open its Kindle Store in Japan tomorrow, October 25, giving customers access to more than 50,000 Japanese eBooks. The company is also putting a number of Kindle devices up for order, but they won’t begin shipping until the middle of November.

Pre-orders for the devices begin today in Japan. Customers can pick up the Kindle Paperwhite, the cheapest of the three Kindle devices, for ¥8,480 (approx. $106), thile the new Kindle Fire will sell for ¥12,800 (approx. $160). The 16GB Kindle Fire HD will also be available for ¥15,800 (approx. $198).

It’s taken Amazon a long time to bring Kindle to Japan. Rumors surrounding the move began way back in April, while in July, the company itself confirmed that its devices would be arriving in the country “soon.” Three months later it’s finally happening.

However, the slow rollout could cost Amazon. During the time it’s taken Kindle to reach Japan, Rakuten has opened up its Kobo Japan bookstore, and released its Kobo Touch e-reader — which sells for just ¥7,980 (approx. $100). Google has also brought Google Play Books to Japan for Android-powered devices.

[Via: The Verge]