Amazon just unveiled the Amazon Kindle Oasis, its latest Kindle that features an “all-new, incredibly thin and light design” and an included charging cover that the company says will provide readers with “months of battery life.”

The Kindle Oasis weighs 4.7 ounces – 20 percent lighter than other Kindles – and narrows down to a thickness of just 3.4mm at the thinnest point. While this is attractive, no doubt, we haven’t ever really felt that the most recent Kindles were too heavy or not thin enough. But, who are we to stop the progress of technology?

Other features include the option to turn pages with the built-in page-turner buttons on the right-side of the device or with the built-in touchcscreen, a 300ppi Paperwhite display that’s Amazon’s “brightest ever” and the aforementioned included leather charging cover.

The Kindle Oasis is available for order now and will be released on April 27. The crazy thing? The Kindle Oasis has an exorbitant price for an eReader at $289.99. That’s more than 3x the price of the entry-level Kindle.

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