amazon-kindle-fire-10-inch-fccThe picture you see above is thought to be an FCC filing for the 10-inch Kindle Fire. It just looks like a blank rectangle to me, but maybe it’s one of those autostereograms and I’m just not seeing it. In any case, the filing apparently suggests not only the size, but the possible release.

The filing is actually registered to Harpers LLC as a front in hopes that nobody will be none the wiser. Well, that plan didn’t work, and the Internet knows that Harpers is representing Amazon. The reason there’s not much to glean from the picture is because of a confidentiality agreement — though that ends in December, prompting people to suggest a fall launch is in order.

There’s been plenty of rumblings over the past several months about Amazon unleashing more Kindles, and with offerings coming from all angles, you’d expect the company will make an announcement sooner rather than later. Amazon’s first order of business, however, might be to clear out inventory. Then perhaps we’ll see the 4-5 new Kindle Fire models.

[via Phandroid]