Remember that press invite that went out last Monday announcing it was 'time to share'?  Microsoft today announced the results of the Danger acquisition in the form of two devices originally leaked late last year. The internally codenamed 'Pink' project has been reborn as Kin One and Kin Two, with a heavy emphasis on sharing and social networking.

Completely separate from Windows Phone 7, Kin One and Kin Two are most similar to the late Sidekick.  To keep you connected to your friends, the Kin Loop is centered around your contacts with refreshed pictures and statuses as they're updated on your social networks.  You can push a single status update to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace all at once from the top of the Loop.  As social networking plays such a big part of these two devices, the Loop is your primary homescreen.

In all of the promotional pictures and videos you're bound to notice the Kin Spot, a green dot at the bottom of the device's screen.  Anything on your phone (sites, pictures, videos, etc) you want to share, you drag to the Kin Spot along with the contacts you want to share with.  You can send out the shared media through MMS or email simultaneously to all the recipients you've dragged onto the Kin Spot.


Something completely unique in the mobile space, Kin Studio allows you to access all the content from your phone on the web.  In the background, your device syncs with the cloud, an automatic backup that's available anywhere. You can browse your photos, videos, contacts, messages, and friends.  If it's on your phone, it's in the Kin Studio. You can share pictures and video and update your status from the Studio in the same way you would on your phone. There's clearly a strong emphasis on the Kin Spot both for the devices and the web accessible Kin Studio.

The Kin One and Kin Two will be available next month exclusively on Verizon with no pricing yet announced.  For more details on the device, you can check out  Don't forget to leave us with your impressions?  Let us know what you think of Microsoft's three-pronged approach in the mobile space.  Are they stretching themselves too thin? You won't find a Kin Spot below, but feel free to share your ideas in the comments.