When Kim DotCom's new Mega launches on Jan. 20, users will automatically get 50 GB of free storage. That just about eclipses the many other alternatives out there, including the increasingly popular Dropbox. There are some cloud lockers of comparable merit, though to get the allotted space services often times require certain stipulations. Mega will require no effort whatsoever.

DotCom revealed the news through his Twitter on Thursday, highlighting how wonderfully generous the massive amount is. If you have no qualms with signing up for yet another service, Mega might be a nice little Internet haven—at least until it gets shut down.

The entrepreneur has had quite the the time recently battling the U.S. government over MegaUpload, getting arrested, released, and still having the time to create another file-sharing platform. Will this one be a success? Only a few more days until we find out.