If you’re looking to sample the Killzone 3 multiplayer element on your PlayStation 3 without paying a dime, you’ll be able to do it starting next week.

According the Episode 013 of the PlayStation Blogcast, the multiplayer portion of Killzone 3 will be up for download on the PlayStation Store next Tuesday. The download itself is free, and you’ll be able to hop in and play a good bit of Killzone 3 MP…

…up to a point.

There’s a level cap on this free multiplayer download. Once you hit it, you won’t be able to play the game anymore. Your next option? You can pay a one time fee of $14.99 to unlock the multiplayer game for good and continue playing.

On a completely unrelated note (not unrelated at all), we were able to find used copies of Killzone 3, the complete game in physical form, for less than $15. If we were looking to try the game, we’d do so by taking advantage of Sony’s generous offering. If we liked what we played, we’d consider the fact that a single player campaign (albeit, a brief and not too well critically received one) is only a trip to our local gaming store away.

The mutliplayer in Killzone 3 is some of the best there is amongst the PlayStation 3’s exclusive titles. Give it a go if you’ve not had the chance yet. You might love it.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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