Just hurry up and release it already! Killer is Dead sits high and mighty as my most anticipated game of the summer slump, maybe even the whole year, but if I have to sit through one more trailer, mocking me for how I can’t play it yet, I am just going to snap.

The latest trailer is the fifth to be released since its announcement, and it features a man wearing nothing but a golden robe and purple harness. He nonchalantly cuts his toenails with golden clippers and breaks the fourth wall by waxing existentially with protagonist Mondo Zappa over how they are nothing more than characters in an action game.

No English yet, but expect it in a few days. Localizing company Xseed has been prompt in releasing English trailers so far. Hope they do a better job with the voice acting because it appears the Japanese casting agent chose the same person to play both characters.

That’s not a fact, they just sound the same.

Beyond the dialogue, the gameplay in this trailer continues to prove how nobody can do hack ‘n slash quite like the Japanese can. Each of Killer is Dead‘s trailers makes the statement boldly and proudly.

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