Grasshopper Manufacture's hyper stylized HD action game Killer is Dead is getting a lot of hype thanks to Suda51 finally taking the time to bring his unique sense of style into the world of 1080p. The cell-shaded style found in his popular games Killer7 and No More Heroes looks gorgeous with the higher resolution.

Suda51's style is not the only headline this game has to show off though. The localization team, XSEED, has made several moves over the last year and is poised to be the next big company for localizing Japanese video games. Former Atlus boss Shinichi Suzuki, the man credited for turning Atlus into a major player in the industry, took control of the company last October and is putting his experience to good work.

The team has also scored a few high profile titles over the years like The Last Story, Pandora's Box, and a personal favorite in Half Minute Hero. Killer is Dead marks their first big jump into the HD physical retail market, and with a popular name like Suda51 behind them, they have a lot of expectations to fill.

So far so good it seems. The voice over and dialogue perfectly match Grasshopper's original Japanese vision, and not a lot seems to have been lost in translation. I have full confidence in XSEED pulling this off based on how well they've handled other games in the past. Everyone needs a shot at the big leagues, and thi is their turn to shine. Good luck guys.

Killer is Dead will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 during the late summer. No specific time has been given yet.

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