Grasshopper Manufacture has found a way to make horrible acts of violence and meaningless slaughter gorgeous in its E3 trailer for Killer is Dead. Set to the backdrop of a subtle little Chopin piano piece, turns out that “killer” is not the only one who is dead.

Indeed, just about everyone in this trailer is dead. Victor is dead. Tokio is dead. Giant Head is dead. Damon is dead. Hamada-Yama is dead. All characters you haven’t really met yet, and they’re dead. Maybe one of them is the killer?

You really have to wonder if there are any potential spoilers stashed within the body count of this trailer.

Seeing as this is Suda 51 though, the subtlety doesn’t last very long. The second half of the trailer is a high octane trip through the game’s excellent hack ‘n slash action. What is it about Japan that allows them to make such fluid and gorgeous combat? No American studio has ever been able to quite get it right.

Killer is Dead is a highlight of the 2012 summer line-up. Suda51 has made some creative games in the past, but nothing since Killer 7 has really stood out as a masterpiece of his ability. This is where all that changes and he finally becomes the game developer we all want him to be. He\s taking his game to the next level without sacrificing his style. can’t wait.

Killer is Dead is launching on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime this summer. The Japanese launch is scheduled for August 7th, so expect it sometime around there. It is being localized by Xseed Games.

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