If turning XSEED Games into the hottest Japanese game localization company in the business was his goal, then so far, President Shinichi Suzuki gets an A+ for his effort. It's been only a week since Grasshopper Manufacture announced their new game, and Suzuki already seems to have the localization rights locked and secured.

XSEED Games has just registered three new domain names hinting at their most recent acquirement. killerisdead-game.com, killandlove.com, loveandkill.com are all confirmed to be registered to the company. While the first is clearly a website for Killer is Dead, it remains to be seen if the other two refer to the same game or possibly a new game from Suda 51.

If speculation proves to be correct and XSEED does indeed publish Killer is Dead, then it will be another feather in the cap of the team. Several high end Japanese games have already made their way into the States through XSEED, including The Last Story, Unchained Blades and Half-Minute Hero, and they've already got at least one heavy hitter, Pandora's Tower, for the Wii lined up for the spring.

Suzuki left his former company, Atlus USA, and joined XSEED Games back in October. During his tenure at Atlus, he turned a small localization team into the main gateway of obscure Japanese games to come to America. Now, he seems to be working that same magic with XSEED. Let's see where he takes it.

Killer is Dead is the latest from stylistic Japanese developer Suda 51 and his company Grasshopper Manufacture. It will be released in Japan this spring. The game has yet to be officially announced by any company for an American release, so we'll keep an eye out. In the mean time, file this one under "most likely."