I’m going to come out and say that I love this trailer. It brought a nice smile to my face. As mentioned this past weekend, Riptor was confirmed to be the next character released for Killer Instinct, but we still have a bit of a shaky reason as to why a velociraptor appears in a modern setting.

I suggested that Rare just wanted to capitalize on Jurassic Park back in the day, and I am still quite certain that is true. Canonically though, Riptor has always been a result of Ultratech’s DNC experiments. Spliced genetics of reptiles and humans find themselves combined in the ultimate killing machines with all the power of a velociraptor and intelligence of a human.

Of course, the original was just an arcade fighting game without much time or space to deliver that exposition. Now though, we have the wonders of modern day trailers and CG to make it more solid.

Microsoft’s spin with the character remains the same basic setup. Ultratech scientists got bored making robots one day, and it decided to make the “Riptor Advanced Combat and Infiltration Unit” just because they could. Now, one of the past’s most deadly killers is active on the battlefields of today! The trailer is presented as a Skynet-esque commercial, making it sound like what the corporation is doing is totally legal and, you know, normal.

Riptor has always been a fan-favorite character, but it’s just hilarious to see all of these loosely tied fighters being justified for the same canon in such detail. Werewolves, Native Americans, velociraptors, robots, ninjas, skeletons, and aliens, all coming together at last. It was just a random assortment of “cool” things, and we couldn’t foresee the need for this justification 20 years ago.

Now that we have it, it is beautiful!

Riptor will be released on Dec. 17th, not the 15th as previously reported, so be sure to sign into Killer Instinct to snag this character.