Microsoft is kicking off Killer Instinct Season 3 with one massive, spiked boot. Accompanying the fighting game’s third round of DLC is the promise of a guest character: none other than Rash, leader of the Battletoads.

Microsoft of course owns the Battletoads license through its purchase of Rare and has been teasing a return of the series for quite some time now. You have to wonder if there is a new Battletoads game or if this is the result of all those subtle hints over the last year. Only time will tell.

As for Rash himself, he kind of fits into Killer Instinct. The cartoonish violence of Battletoads doesn’t exactly translate well, but developer Iron Galaxy has a few ideas we see in the screenshots provided. Most noticeably, his iconic gigantic boot has been grafted with spikes, making his mega kicks just that much more painful.

Iron Galaxy has also given a violent make-over to his other goofy attacks which include turning into a wrecking ball, lashing with his bladed tongue, ramming his opponent with ram horns, and running them over with speeder bikes.

Those who play Battletoads in Rare Replay will be able to unlock Rash for free. Others will have to buy him when Killer Instinct Season 3 launches for the Xbox One in 2016.