I had nearly forgotten that the Xbox One's free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct was still under development, but Microsoft has just shown off a slick new teaser trailer about all that is to come in the new season.

Iron Galaxy of DiveKick fame has taken over development, and the first character shown off in full is T.J. Combo, the classic boxer from the original series back in the mid-90s. Between him and Balrog from Street Fighter II, you really have to wonder if it was the rule or something for fighting game developers to include a boxer in their games. Either that or Mike Tyson was still just really popular at the time.

The other character which will be available at launch is Maya, a stowaway from Killer Instinct 2 on the arcade scene or Killer Instinct Gold if you owned a Nintendo 64. I never got into spending as much time with the sequel as I did the first game on my Super Nintendo, so my memory is a little foggy with her. Can anybody confirm if she was worth the wait into Season 2? She looks fun enough to use.

After a quick montage of new features, like enhanced graphics at 900p and tighter balance, the trailer teases a whole crop of "new and returning" characters including the Jurassic Park cash-in Riptor and, my personal favorite from the first game, the flaming criminal Cinder. Why we had to wait until Season 2 for these classic characters, I have no idea, but now that they are accounted for, maybe it's time for me to check out the game.

As for the rest, I have no idea… can you place them? Killer Instinct Season 2 goes live on Oct. 15 exclusively for the Xbox One.