Fighting games demand an extra level of precision in order to be taken seriously by their most hardcore audience members. If there is a hint of input lag or slowdown in the framerate, fans will throw it to the wind and look for something else. With that in mind, Killer Instinct has found an excellent way to say ahead of the game.

When speaking at a EVO 2015 panel on its game, Iron Galaxy confirmed that the reason Killer Instinct is the smoothest game on the Xbox One is because it actually runs at 90fps. Aiming for this lofty goal, the game can constantly be displayed at 60fps, making up for any lag that it might hit. Iron Galaxy calls this technique “rollback.” The high framerate also accounts for the controller as well, registering commands more frequently, causing a faster response in the game.

Throw this one up on my list of games to buy when I finally snag up an Xbox One. My initial impressions of Killer Instinct might not have been that great, but it’s obviously come such a long way since then.