Killer Instinct Spinal (2)

Griefing quitters who sign out of Killer Instinct in mid-match because they don't want a losing record could very well wind up in "jail." Double Helix has installed a new system to punish the sore losers out there who think its a better habit to tuck tail and run than face defeat like a decent human being.

Of course, some people have made an honest mistake for dropping from a fight: Servers drop, Internet gets lost, circuit breaks shut the whole house down. Double Helix sets the bare minimum at 15 percent. Once your disconnect rate goes above that rate, the game assumes you are a cheating little puke and puts you in "jail" for 24 hours.

In "jail," you can only fight other people who are in "jail," and have yourselves a cute little tournament to see who can disconnect from the match faster. You also have an icon attached to your name indicating to others of the scum you've turned into.

Each trip to jail adds an extra 24 hours to a maximum of 120 hours. Five days in the slammer. Cheers to Double Helix and modern technology for being able to track down cheaters and do something about it. What would kids these days do if they had to square off against their victors face to face in an arcade scene?