It’s been a long time coming, but Microsoft has decided to introduce my favorite classic Killer Instinct character dead last. Cinder makes a brief cameo at the end of this trailer, but the main focus is to introduce the game’s sweetest newcomer, Hisako.

Hisako is a Japanese ghost, pulled straight from a Japanese horror film or a Fatal Frame game. She wears a torn to ribbons kimono, uses a traditional female spear called a naginata, and looks like she will chew your throat out if given the chance. Dare I say that her Japanese voice actress is out of this world, and it is far more convincing than any generic voice I’ve heard from genuine Japanese games over the last few years.

Bravo for that touch, Iron Galaxy. She is my favorite of all the new characters so far.

Back to my original favorite character, though. Cinder pops up in the closing seconds of the video, and we get to see his new age look for the first time. I’m not so sure if I’m the biggest fan, but it fits in line with the rest of the cast’s redesigns. His original design was simple enough to the point where he didn’t even need clothes. He was just a dude made of fire with no skin or anything. This one looks like a zombie or an alien underneath the flames, and he is wearing armor too.

Killer Instinct Cinder (1)

Again though, his voice is excellent, perfect pitch for his slick roots as a master criminal.

With Cinder revealed, who else is left from the original bunch? Just the final boss Eyedol, but I’m not so sure if Iron Galaxy is going to be bringing him back in this season. Will it be original characters from here on out, or will Killer Instinct 2 still be mined dry?

Hisako is available today through the Xbox One’s free-to-play fighting game, so be sure to give her a glance. She looks like a lot of fun. As for Cinder, we now know he exists, and we are anxiously waiting to see more.