Microsoft is giving away a free full copy of its free-to-play Xbox One fighting game, Killer Instinct, to an unknown number of Xbox Live subscribers. These players will receive each of the game’s revealed characters for free, and won’t have to pay for them individually.

Recipients have been notified by email that they have been selected. The mail reads:

“You’re a fan of ours and we’re a fan of yours. Thank you for your dedication to Xbox. We want to show you our appreciation, so we’re giving you Killer Instinct.”

Xbox Support’s Twitter page confirmed that the free and unexpected offers were not a scam shortly afterwards. Details as to how the players were chosen were kept confidential.

“We don’t have any specifics on that other than that some users have received a gift. We considered a variety of things like Gamerscore, Live tenure and other factors in markets where Xbox One is available.”

Killer Instinct has been widely hyped as a key launch title for the Xbox One, so it would make sense that the company would want to get as many full copies out to its audience as possible. Otherwise, it might not have the word of mouth needed to convince people it’s worth paying for. Did you receive the email from Microsoft yet?

Killer Instinct is being developed by Double Helix, and it will be available for the Xbox One at launch as a free-to-play game on November 22nd. Be sure to also check out Double Helix’s fabulous Strider game it is making for Capcom.