Double Helix has a new developer diary out showing off the different color schemes of the first four characters set to be available in its upcoming fighting game, Killer Instinct.

Better get used to Jago, because he is the only character who is going to be available for free when the game goes live. He's not the most interesting of characters by any means, but he is joined by a few rivals from the older game who are far more interesting.

Saberwulf is a werewolf, as you might expect, and his color schemes cover brilliant references from Final Fantasy VII to The NeverEnding Story. The frost alien Glacius also appears in brilliant gold and purple, his body generated from a different chemical, I suppose.

The last of the four characters, Chief Thunder, might be a little more difficult to pull off these days given the sensitive nature of his history. Rather than going full on native American with a mohawk, Double Helix has redesigned the character from the ground up to look more like Arnold Schwarzenegger during the climactic scene from Predator when he covers himself in mud.

Beyond the characters, Double Helix also shows off a few more stages and the graphical choice, as well as some of the special moves and Ultra Combos that are available to each of the characters.

Killer Instinct is free-to-play, but each character past Jago must be purchased. Which of these three are you willing to drop some change on? The game launches as a downloadable title when the Xbox One is released on Nov. 22.