Killer Instinct Fulgore

Microsoft’s free-to-play fighting game, Killer Instinct, has wrapped up its first “season” of content by releasing fan-favorite character, Fulgore. The assassin cyborg was the face of the franchise back in the mid-1990’s after he was placed front and center on the unique black Super Nintendo cartridge. Always nice to see a familiar face… well, not always. Yikes.

The new patch weighs in at a hefty 6.8 GB, but Fulgore is not the only feature that will be added to the game. The eight characters have proven to Microsoft to be enough to launch an oft-requested single player arcade mode, and it will also add lobbies and a spectator mode to the mix as well.

Fulgore and the arcade mode mark the last bit of content original developer Double Helix will contribute to the game. From here on out, Divekick developers Iron Galaxy will be taking over development and creating new characters as Killer Instinct moves into its second “season.” What an awkward term for a video game.

We don’t yet know which characters will be added, but some of the most glaring omissions from the classic Killer Instinct series are boxer T.J. Combo, velociraptor Riptor, final boss Eyedol, and my favorite from back in the day, the fiery criminal Cinder. I never really got into Killer Instinct 2, or Killer Instinct Gold as it was called on the Nintendo 64, so I’m not familiar beyond the original line-up. The newer characters all give me that uncharismatic Street Fighter III throwaway vibe, though.

I’m glad that Killer Instinct has made a comeback, and once these characters see the light of day, plus a new face or two on top, we can call this revival a complete success.

We’ll have more information one when the second “season” of content will be released when Microsoft tells us.