Don’t be expecting an Arcade Mode with Killer Instinct when it launches alongside the Xbox One next week, because it won’t be there. Double Helix has just confirmed that there will be no single player Arcade Mode available until all characters have been released through DLC.

The only way to play the game single player is through Infinite Survival mode, meaning of course, you won’t ever be able to “beat the game” until that last character is trucked out for $4.99. Microsoft Studios Game Designer Daniel Fornace explains in an interview with OXM.

“Our Arcade mode is going to come out when we’ve done the eight characters. So it’s not going to be at launch, at launch we’re going to have six – Orchid’s the last – and then we’ll have two more following up post-launch.”

Local multiplayer and an extensive Dojo Mode are also an option.

It might seem like holding back on a good thing, but stop and think for a minute. How much of a lackluster Arcade Mode is the game going to have with only eight characters? Not exactly overflowing with appearances. It’s best to build up a cast before opening up the game to endings and storylines.

It’s nice to know that line-up of the first six characters has been cemented, though. Veteran fighters Saberwulf, Jago, Glacius, Thunder will be joined by Black Orchid and new-comer Sadira right out of the gate. The last two remaining characters are the skeletal Spinal and one more rumored to be Fulgore.

Killer Instinct will be a free-to-play game when released on Xbox Live next week. The only free character will be Jago, and others will be purchasable for $4.99 each. A Season Pass will cost $19.99 for all characters, and an Ultra Edition will include more costumes, accessories, and even the original Killer Instinct game.

No confirmation if the Arcade Mode in Killer Instinct is going to cost you any money yet.